Welcome! We are Lucy & Cassie. Two sisters from Wisconsin with the intention of raising the vibration of the world through individualized products! This product line and community was born with adventure and exploration at the core.

Our “feel good” items are to be shared with anyone looking to seek a higher vibration and positive lifestyle. We simply want you to enjoy not only each item, but the experiences they may bring to you. Each item is sourced from sustainable, eco-friendly companies with your health and our environment in mind. All our clothing is printed and embellished at a local company where Cassie used to work at while in college. All gems & lifestyle items are hand picked by both Lucy and Cassie. Each design and item serves a unique purpose which you can see in the details of our shop!

SISTER TRIBE is not only about beautiful products that enhance your life, but also bringing a community of like-minded people together. Through our events we cultivate a space of healing, self discovery, and co-creating with others. Our events support and cheer on other local businesses that align with ours.

Purchase with love. Use with intention. A portion of your purchase is used to host free events for teens & adults promoting self-love techniques, mindfulness, and conscious living. Thank you for helping our mission.

To hear more about our story, adventures, and love for this company read our journal here: