Holiday Season Reminder

I’ve stopped everything I’m doing right now to sit down and come back to myself. My house is dirty, laundry needs to be done, dishes in the sink, groceries need to be put away and guests will be here in a few hours. I realize that having a perfectly clean and organized home is not the purpose of this holiday season. The family and friends coming over will not judge their love for me based on the cleanliness of my home rather than the love that we’ve filled our hearts with. Where does this pressure come from? 

I sit here and remind myself to take a deep breath. I repeat in my head “You are enough.” We often forget this. We believe we have to do all these external things to be enough / to be loved. We are simply enough just by being. JUST BE.

Breathe. Breathe deep into your heart, your core, your being. Breathe in all the gratitude you have for your life. This moment is beautiful and we have everything we need in this exact moment NOW to be happy. Simply finding happiness is appreciating the breath in your lungs and your beating heart. And even in you are “alone” this holiday season we never are truly alone. 

Recently I’ve been doing something that most would find silly. If I’m needing comfort I’ll wrap my arms around myself and give myself a hug. If I’m feeling happy I’ll have a dance party by myself. If I’m proud of something I did (big or small) I literally pat myself on the back. It’s been a fun practice to find that acknowledgment and comfort within myself instead of looking to external things or people to do that for me. You never are truly alone.

I sit here and breathe. I can feel love around and within me. Come back to this in every moment. And when you find yourself slipping into the chaos of the holidays, bring your hand to your heart and know you have the best gift within you. 

Cassie Spiegelhoff