Ready to flow?

And so it begins, but did it ever stop? The rushing water that cannot be tamed. We build damns out of rocks to keep it contained. The rocks form walls, barriers to remind the water that it’s not free. That there’s a limit.

The walls symbolize the walls we have up that restrict our water, our soul, our innate nature. The rocks are to-do lists, obligations, labels that society puts on us or we put on ourselves (mother/father, significant other, friend, daughter/son, employee, home owner, etc…). Who are we when all of these are removed?

As we work on our walls, our soul becomes the rushing water once again. It flows within us giving us life. It motivates, inspires creativity, and reminds us we are all connected. It helps us gracefully move with the twists and turns of life. As it flows through us it spills outside onto the world, reminding others they have this same power within themselves - ready to be released. Are you feeling the power now?

Our soul wants to be seen, wants to be free. When it is we live our highest purpose. Are you ready to work on your walls, and see where this power will help you flow to next? Always remember, you are never along on this journey.