Cassie is a huge fan of Tony Robbins. After attending Unleash The Power Within (UPW) in Chicago summer 2018 she knew he was the “real deal”. She right away signed up for “Date With Destiny” which has become popular due to his Netflix documentary “I’m Not Your Guru”. If you haven’t watched it yet, grab the tissues and get ready! Saying that Date With Destiny is life changing is an understatement.

At UPW Tony talked about complexity being the death of productivity. We often times make things too complicated. When tasks or “to-do” lists become so complicated, we don’t even know where to start. It’s all about simplifying things in your life. What are you over complicating? Is there a way to make it more simple? A great question to ask yourself is “How can I make this easier for myself?”

Often times when Cassie has a camera in her hand it’s because it’s a photo shoot or with a specific goal in mind. Very rarely will you find her just taking pictures just for fun. There is typically a purpose and a client in mind.

Today with just making things simple she grabbed a small lens, dog, and mittens (it is 17 degrees in Wisconsin today) and headed to the trails. A short and sweet hike led to some really simple and beautiful appreciation for mother nature. Even in this season of death you can find life.

Enjoy these simple yet stunning images of how your truly can find beauty in anything if you just adjust your lens. Even in 17 degree weather ;)

With Love & Light <3
Sister Tribe

Cassie Spiegelhoff