TEEN EVENT 9/18/19

Print out from our teen event tonight! We had a lot of discussion and development on the below phrases, quotes, and concepts. Here is an outline of what we went over.

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- “There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the day to love, believe, do, and mostly live.” – Dalai Lama

- Experience life as it’s happening to you, not the one you wish was happening.

- You will never be able to control what others dosay, or think. You are in control of your thoughtsemotions, and actions

- Stop arguing for your limitations. They aren’t unique and they don’t serve you.

- Gratitude cancels out fear.

- Before you speak ask yourself 4 questions. 
1) Is it true? 
2) Is it necessary?
3) Is it kind? 
4) Does it improve upon the silence? Sometimes silence is the best answer.



- The most important relationship is the relationship with yourself.

- Your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts… Speak to/about yourself kindly and with love.

- Move your body in ways that feelgood.

- DRINK WATER!!!!!!! You starve your cells, brain, and system when you don’t drink enough water.

- You can’t add more days to your life so add more life to your days. Be playful, adventurous, and try new things.

- If you’re uncomfortable, it’s because you’re growing (not physically…well that does apply but more about you as a whole being). 


- Master the day and you’ll master your life. 

- If you feel like you weren’t meant for this world, it’s because you are meant to create a new one.

- Choose love. Always.

- Check your priorities often and ruthlessly. 


Get comfortable with change(do notresist change). You are ever expanding. To wish anything to be the same is holding you back from the inevitable growth you are meant for.

- The journey is never a direct up. There are set backs. These are only little tests from the universe for you to develop new skills or to put your skills to work. Repetition is key to any new skill. 

- Rebuilding is possible no matter the feat. The journey is long and has many lessons. You were fit for this and called upon to do so.

- You are enough. You have always been enough and you will always be enough.

Cassie Spiegelhoff