WELCOME! Where to even begin?! This amazing journey manifested into our lives at the perfect time with such authenticity it’s unreal! Lucy and I have always been close. Being the younger two out of six kids in our family, we were always looked at as the “babies”. Often sharing a room with each other growing up to being in high school together, it provided a strong bond between us.

In our adult years we now find ourselves traveling with each other and ultimately has led us to discovering ourselves individually. We both got into spiritual learning and practices about two years ago. From yoga, meditation, crystals, oracle cards, and learning more about our power, it’s been so fun to have someone to share this journey with! As you begin on your own spiritual journey it can feel really lonely. This company and community can be your TRIBE.

My personal journey to self-transformation and healing was provoked and rushed by a autoimmune disease that I had been battling for over half my life. For me, pain was not an uncommon feeling. Throughout my life, Lucy has always been my saving grace, nurse, and comfort when I needed. Makes all the sense to create this healing, loving, and community with her to help others heal and grow as well.

As we started to travel more and more with each other, the conversation of getting shirts made for our trips kept popping in and out. It was funny that this idea had planted into Lucy as for years I had been provoked to start a t-shirt company with different popular sayings and phrases. Right out of college I worked as the in-house graphic designer for a print company so I knew the ins and outs of designing and production. It’s the same local company we are actually using now to print! Talk about full circle!

It wasn’t until we had attended an Abraham Hicks event in Chicago until these little planted seeds was truly about to sprout. At the time my health was an an all-time low. I had almost been hospitalized for my auto immune disease 3 different times in the last 6 months. When I attended the event it was difficult for me to even sit through it. I’m so glad I went with Lucy and it was an incredible experience yet feeling like absolute crap.

On the way home I was expressing to Lucy how none of my clothes fit (as I had lost 25-30 lbs due to this disease I was battling) and clothes literally hurt by body. They hurt to wear, they didn’t fit right, and they didn’t feel good. My system, nerves, and body was so sensitive that it was hard to find clothes that felt good.

Lucy again brought up getting shirts made for just the two of us such as “High Vibe Tribe”, etc. This is when Sister Tribe was born. In that car driving home from Chicago from Abraham Hicks simply wanting to create clothing that feels good on your body while sending positive messages out into the world. Talk about manifesting and getting in the right vibration of your goals and dreams!

Lucy and I made a vow to simply create a FEEL GOOD clothing line for all to enjoy. All of the products you see were designed by us to be enjoyed by us and all of you. We simply wanted to share that with the world and there you have SISTER TRIBE! All of the pieces in our collection are made with the intention to feel good on your body and to raise your vibration. It also is a way to uplift and inspire those around you with positive messages and good vibes. Nothing comes into our collection that Lucy and I personally would not wear at least once a week.

Working with my sister and connecting with all you sisters (and brothers) is such a blessing. I’m so excited to be sharing this with you all. We truly appreciate your support, business, and love! So purchase with love and wear with intention. For who knows what beautiful adventures are yet to come!

Cassie Spiegelhoff